Our Stand

How does a Christian live life so authentically for God that there is no question about what they believe?  True Life Church views Bible doctrine as the bedrock on which people build their beliefs, which ultimately impacts their attitudes, actions and emotions.

What people believe about God and how they relate to God is foundational to the church’s existence.  As an Alliance church, we strive to faithfully preach and teach God’s inspired word and personally implement it into our daily lives.  We believe the Gospel has the power to bring eternal life to all who believe.  We believe God’s Word teaches people how to personally know God and live in a personal relationship with Him.

True Life Church recognizes that among faithful believers there may exist disagreements over a doctrinal statement.  Fellowship and service together does not depend on every believer clinging to every doctrinal detail uniformly.  However, below are the basic tenants of True Life Church and these doctrinal positions are central to the church’s mission, teaching and ministry.  As a church member, though you may not absolutely ascribe to every detail of this Statement of Faith, you should be able to endorse and support the majority of this statement without major objection or contention.  Please discuss with the Senior Pastor any objections you may have concerning this statement prior to accepting membership in True Life Church