• Sunday Morning Schedule:
  • Worship Service: 10:00am
  • Make it Real Discussion: 11:15am
  • Coffee Fellowship: 11:30

Have you ever wondered why in a day and age when we have so much access to Bible content (Internet, books, TV, Radio) that our nation is losing ground spiritually?  It is our observation oftentimes the focus of a church service is primarily to deliver content, while leaving little time for the worshiper to process Bible truth into spiritual goals for the coming week.

The purpose of  the “Make It Real” discussion is to provide worshipers opportunity to consider the challenge God has laid before them through the sermon and set spiritual goals for the coming week.  The “Make It Real” discussion is a time of intentionally thinking through how God would like for us to apply His truth to our lives in the coming week.  It is our desire to provide a stepping stone to help Christ-followers become “doers of the Word.”  Come, learn with us with the intent of processing spiritual truth into True Life Goals for the coming week.